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Should I install the new macOS/iOS/Windows/Android Beta?

Quick Answer

No, you definitely shouldn’t install a beta OS on your primary device!

If you really want to try a new OS while still in development, please do so in a separate test environment. Otherwise you might encounter data losses and all kinds of unpredictable things might happen.

Long(ish) Answer

First of all, please remember that betas are – by definitionunstable.

A beta OS is still in development, hasn’t been fully tested and we can’t guarantee that everything in the OS works as expected by our apps.

Furthermore, beta OS’s are evolving over time and things that don’t work in the first beta version, might work in the next update for example. We might fix an issue on our end but as the beta evolves, the OS vendor might fix the issue on their end or there might be another change that breaks our fix.

Since we’re software developers, we’re used to this. But we want you, our users, not to be confronted with these unpredictable changes and we definitely don’t want you to loose your data.

So we highly recommend that you stick to official, stable releases to ensure your data is safe and you can get your work done.

Betas are Unsupported

Unfortunately, we cannot support our apps on unstable, un-tested, in-development platforms. So until the OS in question is officially released (out of beta) it remains unsupported by us and you’re basically on your own if you choose to install it.

Thanks for understanding,
The Royal Applications Team

Royal TSX and macOS 10.12 Developer Preview

Hello early adopters,

now that the first developer preview of the rebranded macOS 10.12 Sierra has been released, we wanted to give you a quick update on Royal TSX’ compatibility with the new OS.

Like with every beta OS, we want to remind you that we do NOT generally support beta/developer preview releases and we do NOT recommend to install OS betas if your daily workflow depends on Royal TSX. However, it’s obviously in our own interest that our products are compatible as soon as possible.

Right now, only our Royal TSX V3 beta is compatible with the first developer preview. The current stable release of Royal TSX (V2.2.4) does NOT run on the developer preview and will crash when launched! The reason behind this is that Apple removed certain features from the OS that Royal TSX depended on. We plan on making the stable release compatible with the new OS once the first public beta of macOS 10.12 is out.

The first stable release (V2.2.5) that supports macOS 10.12 Sierra is out now. As usual, you can get the update on our website.

Our latest Royal TSX V3 beta release which is compatible with the developer preview is available here.

For any feedback about Royal TSX V3 beta or compatibility issues with the developer preview, please don’t hesitate to contact us through our support portal.

The Royal Applications Team

Royal TS 3.2 for Windows is here!

It’s Christmas time and we’ve just release Royal TS 3.2 for Windows. This release is again packed with exciting new features. Check out the following blog posts highlighting all new major new features in Royal TS 3.2:

Complete High DPI Support

Many users have asked for better high DPI support. High DPI displays (4k or 5k screens) are getting cheaper every week and those displays are stunning. Also, with the Surface Pro 4 or other high resolution notebook displays, chances are, you are running Windows with 150% or 200% DPI setting. Well, this new release now has complete high DPI support and works great with these high DPI settings but it’s not enabled by default. Find out how to enable high DPI support and learn more about the caveats here.

Integrated TightVNC Client

Finally, no more dependency to external VNC viewer applications. Royal TS 3.2 now ships with a new, integrated VNC plugin:


Read more about the integrated VNC client here.

Key Sequence Broadcaster Panel

A real time saver! Broadcast keyboard input to multiple active connections with this new panel:


Read more about the Key Sequence Broadcaster Panel here.

Tab Groups and Layouts

Quickly create a grid layout of all your sessions. Learn about the new capabilities to arrange tabs in groups in our newest release:


Read more about Tab Groups and Layouts here.

Command and Key Sequence Task Improvements

You can now assign command tasks and key sequence tasks by name and use key sequence tasks from the parent folder:


Read more about our improvements around tasks here.

Many small but useful improvements and additions

There are many more small but useful improvements included in this release. If you’d liketo learn more about those, read our release notes here.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Stefan & The Royal Applications Team

Royal TS 3.2: Tab Groups and Layouts

Since V2 of Royal TS for Windows we had the ability to split tabs into tab groups horizontally or vertically. This way it was easy to see two or more connections side by side. While this has always been a very useful feature for many scenarios, it had one limitation: you couldn’t mix horizontal and vertical tab groups. So, for example: once you split tabs horizontally you couldn’t split another tab vertically.

With Royal TS 3.2 this limitation is gone now! You can now mix horizontal and vertical tab groups in one view by simply using drag and drop. Here’s an example:


Notice that the Terminal connection tab I dragged over the second tab group now offers docking to the upper half of the group. Once I drop it, I get a mixed layout where I can resize all the groups individually, like this:


As you would expect, you can then drag other tabs around and create additional tab groups, regardless of the orientation (horizontally or vertically).

But wait, there’s more! There’s also a nice little helper in the View ribbon tab called Layout:


As you can see, the Layout button helps you to quickly create a grid layout of your choice with all available connections. We’ve created a video which shows some use cases and demonstrates the Layout features combined with the new Key Sequence Broadcaster panel:

I hope you find the new capabilities as awesome as I do. This is one of my favorite features introduced in Royal TS 3.2.

Happy holidays,

Stefan & The Royal Applications Team

Royal TS 3.2: Key Sequence Broadcaster Panel

A while back, we got an interesting feature request submitted to our support portal: A key sequence broadcaster panel to send keyboard input to multiple sessions in one easy step.

We’re happy to announce that Royal TS 3.2 for Windows now has this panel on board!

To bring up the Key Sequence Broadcaster panel, switch to the VIEW ribbon tab and click the Key Sequence Broadcaster toolbar button. By default, you will see the panel docked to the bottom edge of the window but as with most panels, you can dock it to any edge or you can drag it out as a floating panel.


Here are some features provided by the panel:

  • Choose which targets (active connections) should receive the key sequence.
  • As known from our key sequence editor, you have autocomplete for replacement tokens (using the $ character) and for special keyboard keys (using the { character).
  • Syntax highlighting for tokens and keys.
  • Alternatively use the Insert button to to show a list of tokens and keys.
  • Switch between keyboard input modes (direct mode for supported connections or keyboard input simulation).
  • Optionally (on by default) send {ENTER} at the end of each line for easier input.
  • Press CTRL + ENTER to execute the key sequence without the need of clicking the button.

The screenshot above shows 6 terminal connections side-by-side in a grid layout where the “top” command was sent to all connections. The key sequence broadcaster will also work with other connection types (such as PuTTY or RDP). The grid layout is not really necessary for the broadcaster. By the way, it’s not required to have a grid layout when using the broadcaster panel.

We’ve also created a small video which shows the tab layout feature and the key sequence broadcaster panel in action:

You can find more information about this and many other topics in our online product documentation.

Happy holidays,

Stefan & the Royal Applications Team