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Royal TS

Major Version Release

As most of you already noticed, we recently published fresh new major releases of Royal TS, Royal TSX and Royal Server. In this blog post we want to highlight all the major new features. We will also post dedicated blog posts for some of the hotter features which will be much more detailed. New in Royal […]

Setup and configuration of the Document Store

In Royal Server V2 we introduced the “Document Store” – a central place for your Royal TS/X documents that can be used in teams.   Use Cases for the Document Store Consider the following scenarios where the Document Store comes in handy: you do not want to have .rtsz files lying around on various discs, file shares, […]

Should I install the new macOS/iOS/Windows/Android Beta?

Quick Answer No, you definitely shouldn’t install a beta OS on your primary device! If you really want to try a new OS while still in development, please do so in a separate test environment. Otherwise you might encounter data losses and all kinds of unpredictable things might happen. Long(ish) Answer First of all, please […]

Royal TS 3.2 for Windows is here!

It’s Christmas time and we’ve just release Royal TS 3.2 for Windows. This release is again packed with exciting new features. Check out the following blog posts highlighting all new major new features in Royal TS 3.2: Complete High DPI Support Many users have asked for better high DPI support. High DPI displays (4k or 5k screens) […]

Royal TS 3.2: Tab Groups and Layouts

Since V2 of Royal TS for Windows we had the ability to split tabs into tab groups horizontally or vertically. This way it was easy to see two or more connections side by side. While this has always been a very useful feature for many scenarios, it had one limitation: you couldn’t mix horizontal and vertical tab groups. […]